USA Travel Network is an extremely unique call center company, as we are not structured nor do we operate like any other service provider
in the hotel  industry today. 

· We are truly a boutique operation with a highly focused and unique operating structure— we have no corporate sales & no marketing department,
no sales reps, no PR department—we are plain and simple 100% operationally focused on our hotel clients’ success.

· Our company is small, privately owned and operated by a Bahamian owner —and over the past 20+ years have grown  to be the number one Out  Island Call Center of the Bahamas we outstanding relationships within the industry to include The Ministry of Tourism, Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board, Marine Operators of The Bahamas and much more….

· Client Relationship Management - UTN principals directly manage every client relationship— we are simply not comfortable having client relationships managed by sales reps, service reps, interns, or anything other than company principals. We believe that this direct 1 to 1 relationship with the company principals ensures the best possible client relationship, immediate communications, best possible understanding of client issues & opportunities that allow us to truly function as an extension of your team.

· UTN is by far the most knowledgeable making us the one stop shop for all your calls with professional reservation agents that know how to get your customers to your destination.  NO is not in our vocabulary. 

We operate with a very basic golden rule philosophy— we always treat clients exactly the same we want to be treated
if we were - or when we are the client


Everything we develop for our clients belongs to our clients– Period!                                                                                                                                                                                           
Your business will be directly managed by a principal—as mentioned earlier, we do not assign accounts to junior staff members / interns, we do not engage sales reps to bring in clients then run off to the next sale, etc.—Our relationship with you will always be directly 1 to 1. 

We run our operational departments on a 6+ day a week schedule . Our clients never have an issue reaching us directly, and we never have an issue being 100% responsive. Should an emergency ever arise, you can count on us to fully support your needs.

Lastly, we have been in this industry for a long time, hence our experience and knowledge goes well beyond words can describe. We are well recognized and respected within the industry.


What Sets Us Truly Apart:


We look forward to earning and re-earning your business as part of a very long term partnership!

Customer Commitment